Caprine Acres R Artic Storm
(Caprine Acres HT Rendezvous x Kaapio Acres AD Kalliope)
        Winterfrost in the background

Nirvana took Jr Reserve Grand Champion at Great Lakes Dairy Goat show in Hastings MI 2017

Cloven Croft Acres Nirvana

dob: 2/26/2017

Sire: Cloven Croft Acres M Romeo

(JBF C Montague x Fairland Farm M April Snow)

Dam: Cloven Croft Acres Heaven

(Critter Croft Acres Giovanni x Kaapio Acres SY Jubilee)

Has been bred to Akoya for 2019 kids

Winterfrost (Caymen x Rain)

Information on our junior does to be added to their page soon

Liberty x Monty doe kid  (to be named soon)

Victory (Caymen x Peace)

Cloven Croft Acres

Junior Does

Caprine Acres PA Almond Joy

dob: 3/20/2017

Sire: Castle Rock Porsche Panamera

(Castle Rock Black Oak x Castle Rock LA Jamais Contente)

Dam: Caprine Acres BA Coconut

(Kaapio Acres SG Bandolero x CH Kaapio Acres HH Honey Dew)

Has been bred to Giovanni for 2019 kids