Caprine Acres R Arctic Storm

Dob: 4-29-2018

Sire: Caprine Acres HT Rendezvous

(Castle Rock Heartthrob *B x CH Kaapio Acres Hot Cholula)

Dam: Kaapio Acres AD Kalliope

(Rosasharn UP Andromida *B x Kaapio Acres Magenta)

GCH Fairland Farm AD Island Girl

photo courtesy of Fairland Farm
Island Girl is a Snow Daughter out of our beloved Adonis

Cloven Croft Acres M Glory

Dob: 2-13-2018

Sire: CH JBF C Montague

(Kaapio Acres MH Chipotle x Kaapio Acres Lexus)

Dam: Critter Croft Acres Liberty 

(Kaapio Acres Hot Spring Ralph x Critter Croft Acres CP Violet)

Critter Croft Acres Liberty
 Dob: 7-4-2011
 Sire: Kaapio Acres Hot Springs Ralph
  (CH/MCH Kaapio Acres Hot Habanero x Brush Creek Grand Spring)
 Dam: Critter Croft Acres Violet
 (Kaapio Acre's MH Chipotle x Kaapio Acres SF Lavender)


Sadly we lost Liberty to a difficult birthing.....It's a devasting loss for us and she will be greatly missed. We have daughters and granddaughters to carry on with her amazing genetics and ability to maintain her mammary system at her age. She was a milking fool. 

Liberty took 1st place in her class at Columbia City show 2017
*Liberty took Grand Champion at the 2017 Great Lakes Dairy Goat Jamboree in Hastings, MI. The judge absolutely loved her ability to hold that mammary system on as tight as she does at her age.

Fairland Farm M April Snow
Dob: 4-7-2010
Sire: CH Kaapio Acres SG Silver Moon
(CH/PGCH Brush Creek Smokin Gun x Kaapio Acre's RM Quasar)
Dam: Heritage Place T Nestle Quik
(Kaapio Acres RB Birrs Thunder x Kaapio Acres V Baby Pebbles)

Cloven Croft Acres Victory


Sire: Caprine Acres PA Porschecayman

(Castle Rock Porsche Panamera *B x Caprine Acres Smokin Hot)

Dam: Cloven Croft Acres ABH Peace

(Fiarland Farm Achybreaky Heart x Critter Croft Acres Liberty)

Storm's kid photo....will update soon

Caprine Acres PA Almond Joy
dob: 3/20/2017
Sire: Castle Rock Porsche Panamera
(Castle Rock Black Oak x Castle Rock LA Jamais Contente)
Dam: Caprine Acres BA Coconut
(Kaapio Acres SG Bandolero x CH Kaapio Acres HH Honey Dew)

The Girls

Cloven Croft Acres

Cloven Croft Acres Nirvana
dob: 2/26/2017
Sire: Cloven Croft Acres M Romeo
(JBF C Montague x Fairland Farm M April Snow)
Dam: Cloven Croft Acres Heaven
(Critter Croft Acres Giovanni x Kaapio Acres SY Jubilee)

Photo's didn't turn out the best but here is Peace in the Best in Show line up at the Noble County ADGA Show in Kendallville, IN where she took Grand Champion Dry doe.

One more leg away from Liberty's Championship

CH Cloven Croft Acres ABH Peace
Dob: 2-24-2016
Sire: Fairland Farm Achybreaky Heart
(CH Kaapio Acres Hot Habanero x CH Heritage Place T Nestle Quik)
Dam: Critter Croft Acres Liberty
(Kaapio Acres Hot Spring Ralph x Critter Croft Acres CP Violet)

At the age of 8 she still has a great mammary. Snow took first place in her class of aged does in the Columbia City show 2017
Snow placed first in her class at the 2017 Great Lakes Dairy Goat Jamboree in Hastings, MI

Peace's Sire....Fairland Farms Achy Breaky Heart