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Buck kids for sale
   Dob: 2-11-18
One white, one chocolate w/white
Dam: Cloven Croft Acres March Rain

DD: Fairland Farm M April Snow
(CH Kaapio Acres SG Silver Moon x CH Heritage Place T Nestle Quik

DS: Fairland Farm BA Chrysaor

(Kaapio Acres MH Banksia Ashbyi x Fairland Farm HP Pegasus)
Sire: Caprine Acres PA Porschecayman

SD: Caprine Acres Smokin Hot

(GCH AGS Brush Creek Smokin Gun x Caprine Springs Endless Love)

SS: Castle Rock Porsche Panamera

(Castle Rock Black Oak x Castle Rock LA Jamais Contente)

Rain has a Grand Champion win as a first fresh doe. Can't wait to get her in the show ring this year. Her dam Snow has tons of capacity, we milked her way into the end of December last year and had a hard time drying her off. Even dropping her production to once a day. She stands great on her feet at her age. We have been extremely happy with her lineage.

Caymen is out of a castle rock buck with loads of milk behind him. He is also out of a doe who has a beautiful mammary system and gorgeous conformation. We absolutely love the kids that Caymen has put on the ground. So far his does are being retained.

$400 each.
UPDATE: Chocolate and white buck will be retained until after this fall

Wethers Available

We have 2 wethers available to be sold as a pair, both blue eyed, chamoise. They are alpine/Nigerian crosses. Will be available when weaned.

$200.00 for the pair

Buck Kid
Dob: 2-13-18

Chocolate, blue eyed

Sire: JBF C Montague
SS: Kaapio Acres MH Chipotle
(Rosasharn SP Manuka Honey *B x CH Kaapio Acres HH Quesadilla)

SD: Kaapio Acres Lexus
(AGS Little Tot's Estate Mazarati x AGS Kaapio Acres BT Rhodora)

Dam: Critter Croft Acres Liberty

DS: Kaapio Acres Hot Spring Ralph

(CH Kaapio Acres Hot Habanero x AGS Brush Creek Grand Spring)

DD: Critter Croft Acres CP Violet
(Kaapio Acres MH Chipotle x Kaapio Acres SF Lavender)


Will have more Alpine crosses available in the future as well as more Nigerian kids when our other girls kid



Buck Kid

Dob: 2-14-18


Sire: Caprine Acres PA PorscheCayman

SS: Castle Rock Porche Panamera

(Castle Rock Black Oak *B x Castle Rock LA Jamais Contente 3*M AR2015

SD: Caprine Acres Smokin Hot

 (GCH AGS Brush Creek Smokin Gun x Caprine Acres Endless Love) 1*M AR2016

Dam: Cloven Croft Acres ABH Peace

DS: Fairland Farm Achybreaky Heart

(CH Kaapio Acres Hot Habanero x CH Heritage Place T Nestle Quik)

DD: Critter Croft Acres Liberty

(Kaapio Acres Hot Spring Ralph x Critter Croft Acres CP Violet)


For Sale

Pet Alpine Doe and older nigerian wether, only sold together for 200.00 for the pair.  

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Cloven Croft Acres