Buck Kid

dob: 2-22-2019

Blue eyes

Sire: Caprine Acres HS Akoya

(Caprine Acres SG Hott Shott x Kaapio Acres HH Mikimoto)

Dam: Cloven Croft Acres Nirvana

(Cloven Croft Acres M Romeo x Cloven Croft Acres Heaven)

The genetics behind this kid are ones you don't see much anymore. Most of the ancestors are gone or retired and many are championed out.  Mikimoto is a daughter of Kaapio Acres Black Pearl. Also behind this buck kid is Rosasharn genetics. These are nice strong kids. There is a sister to this buck that we are retaining for the time being.


                             ***Also available***

2 pet does in milk........(1-pending.....1-200.00)

2 doe kids sold as pets only.......Sold

1 wether.......Sold

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For Sale

Buck Kid

Blue eyes

Dob: 7-12-18

Dark Chocolate with frosted ears

Sire: Caprine Acres PA PorscheCayman

SS: Castle Rock Porche Panamera

(Castle Rock Black Oak *B x Castle Rock LA Jamais Contente 3*M AR2015

SD: Caprine Acres Smokin Hot

 (GCH AGS Brush Creek Smokin Gun x Caprine Acres Endless Love) 1*M AR2016

Dam: Cloven Croft Acres Juliet
dob: 2/16/2017
Sire: Cloven Croft Acres M Romeo
(JBF C Montague x Fairland Farm M April Snow)
Dam: Caprine Acres HS Ruby
(Caprine Acres SG Hott Shott x Caprine Acres HT Aruba)

 This kid is very wide in the rear.

We have the brother to this buck back from being leased. He is White/Cream and he is also for sale.
The only reason I kept the cream colored buck was to be a pen mate for macan. Macan is big enough now to be with the older boys.

The other one was kept because of a sale that fell through. (won't happen again). 

Need to move these boys out 

​400.00 each

All Does were CAE Negative November 2018

2 Chocolate Buck kids, similar in conformation.

DOB: 2-15-2019

Sire: Cloven Croft Acres PC Macan

(Caprine Acres PA Porschecayman x Cloven Croft Acres March Rain)

Dam: Critter Croft Acres Liberty 

 (Kaapio Acres Hot Spring Ralph x Crtter Croft Acres CP Violet)

Liberty has two legs on her at this point, hoping to finish her this year. She is almost 8 years old and still milks like crazy. Mammary system is holding up well and she once again raised quads this year.

Macan is one of our favorite little bucks. He was born to Rain, sadly she passed away last year. Macan is everything his sire is plus a whole lot more.

400.00 each

Buck Kid

dob: 3-25-2019

Blue eyes

Sire: JBF C Montague

(Kaapio Acres MH Chipotle x Kaapio Acres Lexus)

Dam: Caprine Acres PA Almond Joy

(Castle Rock Prosche Panamera x Caprine Acres BA Coconut)


We have several Buck kids for sale. Will post pics as soon as possible. These are out of some very nice bloodlines known for nice conformation as well as mammary systems. If I didn't feel they would positively contribute to the Nigerian Dwarf gene pool, they would be wethered. With that being said, here are our genetics....

Buck Kid

dob: 3-8-2019

Sire: Cloven Croft Acres PC Macan

(Caprine Acres Porschecayman x Cloven Croft Acres March Rain)
Dam: Fairland Farm M April Snow
(Kaapio Acres SG Silver Moon x CH Heritage Place T Nestle Quik)

This is a line breeding on Snows side. Snows genetics run deep in our herd and we have had much success with conformation and mammary systems out of her. Macan is out of her daughter Rain. We decided to give it a try as he is proving to be a very correct little buck. Snow gave birth to twin buck kids this year. We are retaining one and will sell the other. 


Cloven Croft Acres