Caprine Acres PA Almond Joy
dob: 3/20/2017
Sire: Castle Rock Porsche Panamera
(Castle Rock Black Oak x Castle Rock LA Jamais Contente)
Dam: Caprine Acres BA Coconut
(Kaapio Acres SG Bandolero x CH Kaapio Acres HH Honey Dew)

500.00.....30 day hold as she just got bred. If preg test is neg, she is back up for sale


Cloven Croft Acres M Babs

Dob: 4-24-2020

Sire: CH JBF C Montague 

(Kaapio Acres MH Chipotle x Kaapio Acres Lexus)

Dam: Caprine Acres R Arctic Storm 

(Caprine Acres HT Rendezvous x Kaapio Acres AD Kalliope)

Babs has stayed small in stature and will be sold as a Pet Only. (No Papers)


Caprine Acres HS Akoya
Dob: 3-13-2015
Sire: Caprine Acres SG Hott Shott
(CH/PGCH Brush Creek Smokin Gun x CH Kaapio Acres AD Hot Tamale)
Dam: Kaapio Acres HH Mikimoto
(CH/MCH Kaapio Acres Hot Habanero x CH/MCH/PGCH Kaapio Acres Black Pearl  "AGS 2011 National Grand Champion Sr. Doe")

Akoya is one of our favorite bucks genetically. He has every bit of Kaapio acres wrapped up in his direct lineage. AGS National Champion CH Kaapio Acres Black Pearl, CH Kaapio Acres Hot Habanero, Kaapio Acres AD Hot Tamale, CH Brush Creek Smokin Gun, Rosasharn UP Andromida, CH Kaapio Acres Hot Cholula, CH Gay-Mor's S Lacewing Parsley and CH Little Tot's Estate Callilily.


For Sale

Almond Joy and Babs can be purchased together for a pet price of $600.00 for the pair. No papers involved



We will have a handful of adult does for sale and a couple of Bucks. Please contact us for further detail. they should be posted soon


We have buck kids available out of: 

Peace x Adonis.....$500.00

Justice x Adonis....$400.00

Esme x Rebel.....$400.00

Possible doe kids available in the future

(if so will start at $500.00)

Also some buck kids will be available as wethers....150.00 each

Cloven Croft Acres J Cecil

Dob: 3/26/2021

Sire: Cloven Croft Acres M Jumanji
(CH JBF Montague x CH Cloven Croft Acres ABH Peace)

Dam: Cloven Croft Acres Justice
(Cloven Croft Acres PC Macan x Critter Croft Acres Liberty)

Jumanji is the product of outstanding genetics and Justice is putting milk in the bucket not only in quanity but her udder is smooth, well attached and correct. This little guy should be an asset to any herd.


Cloven Croft Acres