Cloven Croft Acres

A little about our Herd.....

We started out in the year 2000 with a doe and her wethered brother from All Creatures Herd (Julie Strepek). As our venture grew we brought in an assortment of does through the first couple of years and we weren't sure what direction we wanted to go. It was through pedigrees and genetics that we saw progress and some we did not....we came to love our Kaapio Acres genetics and had an outstanding mentor! We stayed with some of the same genetics that were now not only branching out in our herd but we brought in Fairland Farms and Caprine Acres that excelled in those lines as well. (Caprine Acres eventually purchased the Kaapio Acres herd) We also decided on a name change at this point to go from Critter Croft Acres to Cloven Croft Acres, as we no longer had so many types of "Critters" anymore and only now focusing on goats, hence cloven.
Years ago shortly after we started this goat venture a good friend of ours got us involved in the DHIA program. At this time we did it through AGS. Though it was a commitment and quite an adventure for us, we accomplished the 305 day milk test for a couple of years or so. We no longer have any of those animals with us, but to see the stars progress through the generations was really an accomplishment. With full schedules now in our lives, we are leaning towards some one day tests with ADGA. I would love to go back on the 305 day test but I understand the commitment involved and for now we will have to wait. We do not need to be involved in milk testing to know what our does are capable of doing though. Hands on everyday, twice a day is reassurance of what we have here. Fairland farm April Snow always milks well into the season before I decided to dry her up and with that she keeps wanting to milk. Snow is 10 years old as of April 2020.
We were scheduled for linear appraisal in 2018 and we were planning on attending a host herd. With a conflict in scheduling and appraising, our host herd won't be participating, nor will we and several others. Hopefully next year. We truly believe we are staying true to the breed with our  quality, conformation, mammary systems and all around "dairy-ness" .